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Help develop the next group of successful young entrepreneurs.

Youth Inclusion Through Entrepreneurship

Empowering Young Entrepreneurs to Create Sustainable Businesses

Why Youth Ventures

Welcome to the Greenside Development Foundation!

The idea behind Greenside Development is simple: empower disadvantaged and unemployed youth to create sustainable businesses that provide employment for themselves and others in their community. In short, we are a business incubator for young entrepreneurs. Greenside Development is a Not-for-Profit social entrepreneurship organization based in the U.S. with the express goal of helping alleviate poverty in the Middle-East North African (MENA) region. This region especially suffers from a brutally high youth unemployment rate. We at the GDF believe that empowering young entrepreneurs is a vital part of addressing this need. Our Youth Ventures program, through our affiliate GDF-Morocco and working with Peace Corps-Morocco Volunteers, is an intensive intervention: we provide training in entrepreneurship, interest-free microloans, and an on-going support system through a Business Management Consultant for each of our Young Entrepreneurs. The GDF’s key goals are the sustainability and growth of our young clients’ microenterprises and the development of their business management capacities.

As a board, we believe in finding long-term solutions for poverty, and not merely providing temporary relief.   We are very excited to bring both financial aid and our business expertise to Morocco in order to alleviate the cycle of poverty through the creation of jobs, the provision of financial and skill based education, and the administration of on-going, technical assistance necessary to make our Young Entrepreneurs more successful.  All of this would not be possible without our generous donor base!

We sincerely thank you for your interest in us!  Please take a moment to read our latest newsletter and familiarize yourself with the remainder of our website, programs, and opportunities!

Kind regards,
William A. Ghirardelli IV, Founder and Director


*Greenside Development Foundation’s application for 501 (c) 3 status is currently being reviewed by the IRS. Our affiliate GDF-Morocco is a registered non-profit association in the Kingdom of Morocco. EIN # 27-4333255